• Budgeting

    7 Unexpected Expenses You Should Be Budgeting For

    Unless you’ve won a jackpot lottery or you have a trust fund, money is probably a concern for you. Every single cent that you have has to be accounted for every month and budgeted carefully, but there are still things in life that can catch you by surprise – such as broken washers to play with or probate lawyers for an unexpected death in the family. These last minute expenses have you paying through the nose when you haven’t planned for it. One of the worst things to deal with when you’re on a budget is an unexpected expense. One-third of Americans don’t have an emergency fund to catch those…

  • Frugal Living

    Surviving a Cash Crisis

    I like to think I have my finances in order. However, I had a huge “check yourself” type moment only a few weeks ago when my emergency fund went from $3,000 to zero in a matter of three days. I was indeed, in a cash crisis. Medical issues, car trouble, and a surprise visit to the vet were the culprits. I’ve been building credit since I was 18 and thankfully, had a high enough limit and a 0% APR credit card that I could use to cover what my emergency fund didn’t. As much as personal finance bloggers love pushing emergency funds (and it’s true, the average person should have…

  • Frugal Living

    Improving Your Credit

      According to LendingTree.com, a staggering 60% of citizens do not know their credit score. If you’re part of that 60%, I’m here to tell you that not only should you get credit score ASAP, but you should immediately start working to build your credit! Here’s why: if I knew in college what I know now about credit scores, I would’ve started building my credit a while ago. Length of credit is one of the determining factors in the calculation for credit scores. This means the earlier you get started, the better.   What Exactly is a Credit Score? If we’re looking for a technical definition, a credit score is…

  • Saving Money

    How to Save Money in Daily Life

    Image credit “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Chinese Proverb The ability to save money is vital to your financial success and personal fulfillment, yet it’s all too easy to spend as much as you earn. Living paycheck to paycheck is a reality for many people-even high earners due to the all too common lifestyle inflation. I had a serious problem with debt and bad spending habits. My saving strategy was to save whatever was leftover in my budget at the end of the month, but a common theme soon emerged. Not only was there nothing left at the end of the month for me…

  • Start A Blog

    The BEST Pinterest Strategy to Grow Your Blog

      Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! I just made it back from a backpacking trip up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Obviously, with no internet and currently no scheduling tools for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, I was expecting my blog views to TANK. However, I was very pleasantly surprised when I checked my stats yesterday. Blog traffic still steadily increased the days I was away, and that was all thanks to Pinterest.   Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means at no cost to you, I may be compensated when you follow a referral link. That being said, I would never promote something I don’t love and…

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    July Side Hustle Income Report- $1,710.43 Online

    Can you guys believe it’s already August? I definitely can’t. July marked some awesome milestones for me personally AND abudgetingblonde.com (all time high side hustle income, some from blogging!). Last month’s side hustle income report: $1,657.51 in June First of all, I added this floof of pure joy into my life, Maia. She’s perfect and so smart. I’ve become the stereotypical mom that brags about their child and I’m not sorry. Recently I’ve been looking for new ways to up my side hustle game. I’ve been picking up better captioning jobs because dogs are expensive (especially puppies, even rescues)! And luckily, the added time paid off because this month I…

  • Side Hustles

    June Side Hustle Income Report: How I Made $1,657.51 Online

      I can’t believe that June is over! This means that I’ve been blogging a for a little over a month, and it’s been such a whirlwind. I’m so obsessed with the blogging community, especially the personal finance bloggers who constantly encourage me and of course, offer new side hustles ideas. Maybe that’s why even though I thought my side hustle income would decrease, it actually increased from last month. If you’re new to my blog and need some background, I have a part-time day job that just covers all my bills. I started off way in debt (a mix of student loans & bad financial decisions) but was able…

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    Versatile Blogger Award Nomination!

        Guys, I was on Twitter the other day and something happened that made me almost fall out of my chair.   I’ve been blogging for about three weeks and have already met some awesome blogger friends and mentors in the PF community and beyond.   But I absolutely never expected any sort of award nomination, which is exactly what I got last week!   The Versatile Blogger Award is an Award by bloggers for bloggers. It’s given to stand-out bloggers whose quality of writing, the uniqueness of the subject covered, and the level of love displayed in their words and photographs can be seen throughout their website.  …

  • Frugal Living

    Paying Your Way Through College

      I’m only two years removed from college, but I can confidently say it was the best four years of my life so far. I made life-long friends, great connections, and got to learn from some of the smartest people in their field about subjects I would’ve never even thought to research on my own. I also made a bunch of mistakes. But the only ones I truly regret are the financial mistakes I could’ve avoided if I had been as intentional about money then, as I am now (maybe that’s a post for another day?)